Integrated Feeling Therapy Centers of New York City and New Paltz

The Evolution of Primal Therapy

Jeffrey T. Cohen, LMHCJeffrey T. Cohen, LMHC, has created a revolutionary psychotherapy that combines the power of deep feeling with the will to change. IFT is not just talk, and trauma is not just in the mind. We don’t just manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, we get beneath the surface down to the underlying trauma and abuse where the original breach of trust occurred. Guided by a highly-skilled IFT therapist, clients will safely explore and feel these traumas, connecting and integrating valuable insights into their adult lives.

Integrated Feeling Therapy (IFT) helps clients heal from their wounds with love, kindness, support, honesty, and cognitive understanding. We work with our clients to develop effective strategies to live more fulfilled lives. Over the course of their IFT treatment, we help our clients transform themselves from victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse into adults who are able to give and receive love. True healing occurs only once this transformation occurs. The guiding principle of IFT is to enable all clients to love and be loved.

“I believe Integrated Feeling Therapy (IFT) to be the cutting edge therapy of the 21st century.”“I have known and admired Jeff Cohen’s work for 25 years, first as the Director of the Manhattan Center for Primal Therapy, and now as the Director of the Integrated Feeling Therapy Center. He has expanded his psychotherapeutic vision beyond his early training in Arthur Janov’s primal therapy and has incorporated innovative principals that address the most current brain research by creating a balanced integration of the feeling emotional brain with the neocortical cognitive brain.”Herman Weiner, Ph.D, New York University

IFT Treatment Specialities

Depression Anxiety Marriage Counseling
Sexual Abuse Substance Abuse Social Skills
Eating Disorders Insomnia Sexual Addiction
Bipolar Disorder PTSD Self-awareness
Physical Abuse Emotional Abuse Birth Trauma