Primal Therapy Has Evolved

Primal Therapy Has Evolved
Jeffrey Cohen

About IFT

Jeffrey T. Cohen, LMHC, the Founder and Director of the Integrated Feeling Therapy Centers of Manhattan and New Paltz, has created a therapy that combines the power of deep feeling with the will to change.

Since the advent of Primal Therapy in the 1970s, Jeff has been a fierce advocate and a reluctant critic. He has recognized the brilliance of Dr. Arthur Janov's discovery of a way to relive our traumas from womb/birth onward. This was a great leap forward in our understanding of the roots of mental illness. Unfortunately, traditional primal therapy treatment has some significant shortcomings. It is not enough just to "feel" and relive trauma; this is only the beginning of the healing process. These traumas must be integrated into a solid psychotherapeutic framework that incorporates the "will to change".

Integrated Feeling Therapy (IFT) helps clients heal from their wounds with love, kindness, support, honesty, and cognitive understanding. We help our clients transform themselves from victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse into adults who are able to give and receive love. True healing occurs only once this transformation occurs. As you read this website, please keep in mind: The guiding principle of IFT is to enable all clients to love and be loved.


I believe Integrated Feeling Therapy (IFT) to be the cutting edge therapy of the 21st century. I have known and admired Jeff Cohen's work for 25 years, first as the Director of the Manhattan Center for Primal Therapy, and now as the Director of the New York Centers for Integrated Feeling Therapy. He has expanded his psychotherapeutic vision beyond his early training in Arthur Janov's primal therapy and has incorporated innovative principals that address the most current brain research by creating a balanced integration of the feeling emotional brain with the neocortical cognitive brain."

Herman Weiner, Ph.D
New York University

About Jeff

Jeffrey T. Cohen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, licensed to practice psychotherapy by the State of New York. He completed his B.A. in psychology at the City University of New York. His initial clinical training was in classical primal therapy from 1981 through 1986, first with Julienne Jones Scanlon, one of the initial therapists trained by Dr. Arthur Janov. He completed his primal therapy training with Theresa Sheppard Alexander, M.A., the former Resident Director, and Director of Training of Janov's New York Primal Institute. He also was trained in classical and Eriksonian hypnosis and is a certified hypnotherapist. He has studied mindfulness-based meditation, including hatha yoga. His work was also supervised by Dr. Herman Weiner (formerly a supervising analyst at NPAP), over a four-year period in the early 80's. He is a member of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society (EGPS), the American Group Psychotherapy Society (AGPS), and the US Association of Body Psychotherapy.

Jeff has lectured at various universities and therapy seminars, and has been a guest on radio talkshows, including recently on WBAI's The Positive Mind". He has developed, and teaches, a comprehensive training program in the theory and clinical technique of Integrated Feeling Therapy and Integrated Feeling Life Coaching.

Jeff is also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, with two CDs to his credit. He is currently playing in a six-piece band with his 23-year old son and 15 year-old daughter. His 18-year old daughter is attending college and did the cover art for his last CD. They perform around the Hudson Valley. Jeff has been happily married for 25 years.