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Breaking Up

Over the years many people have contacted us after a relationship ended – sometimes it’s after a long-term marriage with children, other times it’s after an intense one or two year relationship. Endings are always hard. Often we feel betrayal, hurt, anger and grief. These feelings need to be felt and not just talked about.
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The Importance of Exercise

When people choose not to exercise they feel sluggish, often eat unhealthy foods, engage in negative thoughts about others and themselves, walk around angry, experience increased anxiety levels, are less patient, develop muscle tension, headaches, and/or aches and pains in joints and muscles. In addition, they may develop a negative image of their body and
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Eating Disorders

Over the years we have worked successfully with many clients with food issues. We also work with people who just generally use food to tranquilize their emotions. These people may be overweight or underweight, but are not in the emotional danger zone that people who have the more serious eating disorders are. We support our
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Social Anxiety

For many, social gatherings can be a nightmare.  Prior to the event they may become panic stricken at the thought of being around other people.  They agonize over what to wear and how they look.  Beneath the surface there is an overwhelming fear of people seeing how worthless they feel.  As a result they try
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Working with Emotionally Abused Clients

When working with clients who were emotionally abused it is important to approach them with love and kindness. They often have internalized the voice of their abuser and made it their own. They use this voice to interact and understand the world they live in. This voice creates a sense of fear, shame, rejection, low
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Sexual Abuse

Adults who were sexually abused as children often have difficulty in finding and maintaining loving intimate relationships.   Their personal boundaries were violated, and as adults they often don’t know how to set appropriate boundaries with others, which contributes to the difficulties they have in their relationships.  For example, a woman who was sexually abused might
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Exploring Childhood Trauma As A Way Of Lifting Depression

When a person is feeling depressed it primarily resides in their body.  Often people experience low energy levels, they are lethargic, lack excitement about the things they are doing with their lives, and do not experience pleasure.  What I find is that the root causes of depression often stem from early childhood trauma, be it
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