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Eating Disorders

Over the years we have worked successfully with many clients with food issues. We also work with people who just generally use food to tranquilize their emotions. These people may be overweight or underweight, but are not in the emotional danger zone that people who have the more serious eating disorders are. We support our clients to augment their Integrated Feeling Therapy (IFT) treatment with twelve-step groups. This synthesis provides a very effective comprehensive treatment. In IFT we help our clients explore the root causes of their disorder, since eating disorders always have childhood trauma as the root cause. These traumas often include some variation of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and the healing involves feeling and resolving the traumas that caused the client to develop their eating disorder. I view all eating disorders as a symptom of repressed pain.

In order to understand why we suffer with eating disorders, we have to understand the direct causal link between the way we birth and raise our children and the symptoms that manifest in life. Often people who develop eating disorders have parents who themselves have a skewed relationship to food. Some people who felt they had no control over their lives as children develop eating disorders as a way of controlling at least one aspect of their life. In IFT these issues are deeply explored in conjunction with education and behavioral support, providing holistic healing for healthy change.