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Exploring Childhood Trauma As A Way Of Lifting Depression

When a person is feeling depressed it primarily resides in their body.  Often people experience low energy levels, they are lethargic, lack excitement about the things they are doing with their lives, and do not experience pleasure.  What I find is that the root causes of depression often stem from early childhood trauma, be it physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, birth trauma, lack of nurturing, or lack of touch.   When this happens people find themselves as adults who are depressed and disconnected from life.   They are not happy with their lives and in the worse case scenario they are suicidal.

For those reasons we work with clients to help them go back and relive those early childhood traumas.  All of the therapists at IFT are trained to help facilitate this process, but my years of experience have shown me that this is not the only thing that that needs to be done.  Once the energy is released from these early feelings it has to be transformed and redirected toward helping the individual lead a life in the present that works for them with regards to their relationships with themselves and others.   Are they choosing people who are nurturing as friends and lovers or are they choosing people that are hostile and critical?   Are they involved in work situations that are boring?  In other words a person could have all of the feelings in the world, but if they go into a forty-hour workweek that is deadening they are still going to feel depressed.

It is important to work with people in real time to help them find their vision, their true calling in life. Also, I am a great believer that with all of the energy released from these traumas people have to find creative outlets.  Finding your creative juices allows people to really feel good about their lives.  This not only applies to their work, but also to their personal lives.  We support all of our clients to find creative outlets.  Sometimes it is a musical instrument, doing artwork, taking a dance or yoga class.  The important thing is that the energy released from the feelings is used for transformation.

In addition, we support people to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.  All of it is important and is a component of practicing self-love and self care.  Often when we are not loved in the way we needed to be as a child, we don’t practice self-love and self-care.  Since the goal of IFT is to teach people how to love and be loved, job number one is learning how to love yourself and take care of yourself.